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By Christine Michaud

Conference lasting 60 to 90 minutes (depending on time available)

Can also be done in a workshop on a day or half day format.

Do you know that great scientists around the world have been interested for some years in what makes people happy, what allows them to reach their full potential both personally and professionally?

Positive psychology teaches that it is not a question of looking at the world in an idealized way, like through pink glasses, but rather to identify the determinants of human fulfillment to favor it and thus create an optimal life experience .

This field of psychology aims to better understand what makes life worth living fully. It is the scientific study of forces, optimal functioning and determinants of well-being.

It is with simplicity, authenticity and humor that Christine shares with you the report of her most recent discoveries while guiding you towards a practical application of innovative and effective concepts.

All the concepts are presented with examples, suggestions of exercises or concrete application models for everyday life as well as stories to illustrate the words.

In business, performing and succeeding is good, but doing it by allowing each human being to reach his full potential and by participating collectively in an evolution of consciousness is not only better, but it is the most magnanimous of the objectives, the one that will make all the difference and give meaning to life while producing great results.



Originally from Quebec City, Christine holds a Bachelor of Law degree from Laval University.

For the last 18 years, she has been a literary columnist on various shows including 11 years at the very popular morning TV show Salut Bonjour Week-end on TVA and 5 years on the air of Rythme FM with Véronique Cloutier. For more than 7 years, she animated Qu’est-ce qu’on attend pour être heureux and Ma liste à moi, always on TVA.

Author of the bestsellers C’est beau la vieEncore plus belle, la vie!Sexy Zen et Happy and Le Miracle (éditions Un monde différent), Christine also published Petit cahier d’exercices pour attirer à soi bonheur et réussite as well as Petit cahier d’exercices pour être sexy, zen et happy (éditions Jouvence) whose rights have been sold in several countries around the world.

In recent years, Christine has published Mon projet bonheur (Éditions Edito in Quebec and Mazarine in France), a first book in the genre about positive psychology and referenced scientifically, the preface of which is signed by Frédéric Lenoir. She is one of the co-authors of the book La vie intégrale (Prenez soin de vous maintenant at Flammarion in France) and she recently gave us her first novel titled Une irrésistible envie de fleurir (Éditions Edito).

WBIcertificate-PPFascinated by the human being and the well-being, Christine completed a certificate in positive psychology with the great professor of happiness at Harvard, Tal Ben Shahar.

Formations with great philosophers, psychologists and spiritual masters allow her to relay what inspires people to make their lives a happy and rewarding experience. Christine offers workshops all over the world for both the general public and the corporate level. She is one of the experts for the Association Progrès Management (APM).

Finally, Christine accompanies thousands of people through the Web on themes of positive psychology and produces each year a great day of inspiration at the Palais des congrès de Montréal. This annual event will introduce the public to inspiring speakers, authors and philosophers of the global Francophonie. Nearly 2000 people attend these days.

All Christine does is to make people aware of beauty, to appreciate the good and to do good.